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Grace and Dignity

Lauri is particularly gracious with her clients, and respectful of their dignity. She assures her language with her clients is on an understandable level, without condescension.

Ann Seanor

Timeless advice

I catch myself passing things I learned during my time with Lauri on to my children and smile. I wish I had been bravely vulnerable enough to see a therapist earlier in my life. My hope is that Lauri's advice will be passed down for generations in our family.

Individual Therapy Client

Healing old Wounds

Lauri's helped me identify how some old wounds are showing up in my life and taught me to attend to them in a healing way.

Individual Therapy Client

Able to forgive

I've been able to forgive and let go of what I thought was unforgivable. I  have also been forgiven in kind. Lauri has helped me learn how the power of grace can be transformational.

Couples Therapy Client


At 40+ I've finally been able to make the transition from a Parent-Child relationship to an Adult-Adult relationship with my parents. I wish I had worked on it much sooner, but it's never to late to grow. Thank you Dr. Lauri!

Individual Therapy Client

Man of Action

With Lauri's help, I was able to set aside years of resentment, passive aggressiveness and other victim behaviors. I've become a new man of action. Life doesn't happen to me any more. Lauri has helped me find an abundant life that I haven't known since high school.

Individual Therapy Client

Fighting our way back to each other

Lauri helped us fight our way back from years of living as roommates, separated, and on the brink of divorce. I'm so grateful to have her in our lives.

Couples Therapy Client

Healthier Communication

Lauri has helped us learn to communicate in a much healthier ways that preserves us as individuals. We have learned to keep our own individuality while building a cool 3rd thing together....our relationship.

Couples Therapy Client

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