Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy to adults of all ages.  My treatment is guided by a variety of therapies, including cognitive-behavioral, object relations (interpersonal relationships), and developmental theories.

I will be by your side every step of the way, and will encourage you to understand all aspects of who you are, how you relate, and where you can grow.  With 20+ years of experience, I have worked with people with a wide variety of concerns and difficulties, from problems negotiating life transitions to coping with issues of depression and anxiety. I have helped clients navigate workplace difficulties, problems with intimate and family relationships, grief and loss, divorce, difficult life experiences, problems with obsessive thoughts, and many kinds of mental health problems. I will help you to set goals and aspirations, and learn about how your unique life circumstances and issues may get in the way of reaching those goals. My desire is to help you to get where you want and need to go.

A therapeutic relationship, while it may have similarities to other relationships, focuses on you and becomes a safe place to learn about yourself. Ultimately, only you will know if we are a good fit for doing the work you want to do.  With this in mind, I have helped many people, with a wide variety of backgrounds and needs, to live fuller and richer lives. The work does take effort, and can sometimes be difficult, but there are many rewards along the way. I encourage you to come see me to find out if we are a good fit. To encourage new clients to take the first step, I offer a free 30-minute initial session to meet me and discuss how I could be of help…


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