Adolescent Therapy

I have worked with adolescents most of my life.  As a teacher, coach and spiritual youth leader I have advised teens in a variety of circumstances.  My knowledge of brain development guides my work and provides me a strong perspective on the abilities, tendencies, and challenges of youth.  I work with teenagers individually, as well as the other important people in their lives, including family members, educational staff, and other professionals. Through relationship and connection, I strive to help adolescents change from the inside out, which is the only way I feel that adolescents can create real and lasting change.

I enjoy working with youth and appreciate their great energy, how they face challenges, and the passions they bring to therapy.  I also work hard to figure out what makes a teenager tick, so I can help parents and others better make sense of what adolescents say, do, want, and need so that those around them can help them to reach their full potential.  Finally, my extensive experience as a teacher and in educational settings gives me the background to help teenagers better negotiate school, and help educators better support their student.

Here are some areas where I have helped adolescents and young adults:

– Living with ADHD and other learning disabilities
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Trauma
– Family relationships
– Social anxiety
– Social development, including friends, hobbies, activities, and other interests

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